The Margarita Clip is Patented

ThemeWorks, Inc.

ThemeWorks, Inc. is a leading provider of advanced bar and promotional products. ThemeWorks, Inc. IP can be found in ThemeWorks and retail products.

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ThemeWorks, Inc. Patents

Title Patent
Inverted Bottle Holder D650691 12/20/2011 Issued
Inverted Bottle Holder D650692 12/20/2011 Issued
Bottle Holder MX36424 06/08/2012 Issued
Inverted Bottle Holder 8413838 04/09/2013 Issued
Inverted Bottle Holder 8863980 10/21/2014 Issued
Inverted Bottle Holder 8881939 11/11/2014 Issued
Insert To Hold a Can for Use with an Inverted Bottle Holder 8820572 09/02/2014 Issued
Inverted Bottle Holder MX30056 05/14/2015 Issued
Domed Cup Lid for Holding an Inverted Bottle D713722 09/23/2014 Issued
Domed Cup Lid for Holding an Inverted Bottle MX38289 03/19/2013 Issued